WWC AllStar Choreography Package includes 2:30 of Creative Transitions and Entertainment



2:00 of Seamless Transitions
you can clean & execute


Lori Celum – Rebelz Cheer


“I’ve worked with Triston Allen for over 10 years! In that time he’s choreographed over 30 routines for us! They are innovative and have always scored well. He is someone I trust and know I can rely on.

He knows how to work with kids of all ages and pull out the best in them. He will cater to your needs and make sure you are happy with his product!”

Katie – East Coast Xtreme

“Triston is the best choreographer I’ve ever met. He’s so funny and has such a positive personality. Our routine this year is so good and the best I’ve ever had!”

Raven Lupone – Spring Creek Athletics

“Triston is truly and inspiration to work with. Whether you use him as a choreographer or a judge, he’s going to benefit your teams. His knowledge and understanding of the sport is superior to most people I’ve worked with in this industry. If you’re program needs that extra boost,
I strongly recommend Triston!